Journeys through Art Therapy

Susan Joy Smellie,  Art Therapist (ATR) & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

 5633 Strand Blvd.

Suite 305

Naples, FL 34110



The Mission of Journeys through Art Therapy is to help people move from their present darkness or difficulties toward the light of a better and more satisfying future. 

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Are you ready to make a journey? Not a physical journey from one location to another, but a life journey from the hard place where you are right now to a happier, emotionally healthier, more authentic life, a life that fits and expresses who you are inside and is reflected outside in your relationship with the world and other people? Is it your child (or your whole family), and not just yourself, that needs to embark on this healing journey?
        You'll need some kind of map or guide. That's what therapy is, a strong help and encouragement for the journey that is uniquely yours.  
       At Journeys through Art Therapy, I believe in you and in your journey to seek the light of a better life. Here you'll find a safe, confidential, professional, and empathetic space in which to face your life honestly, gather your courage, sort out your feelings, and take the next steps to wholeness. I am prepared to help you whether you choose to proceed using only words or by exploring artmaking (the creative, visual images that arise from your right brain), or both. You will need no special talent for this journey, only the desire and commitment to move toward your better place.
       I would be happy and honored to help you on your way.